Parenting: Building self-esteem through piano lessons

August 3, 2010

It is rare that he tries to avoid practicing or complain about having to. Maybe because he's eight-years-old, and his fingers are becoming big enough to tickle the keys properly and produce the right tone. But it may also be something more - something deeper.

Perhaps it has made him more aware of his ability to create something special. And that experts say, heightens a child's self-esteem.

Certainly teaching a child to play an instrument has many benefits. There are studies that have found that children excel emotionally, physically and intellectually by learning to play - especially the piano. One child expert says playing the piano creates an emotional outlet for youngsters.

No what matter what he or she is feeling, they can let it by tickling the ivories - or at least trying to. If they are happy, you will hear it in their music. And if they are sad - same thing. In my house, we've also heard anger, which comes out as a loud banging noise that makes even the dogs wince.

But believe it or not, this is supposedly good therapy for the child.

What's also good for the child and perhaps most important is how it makes them feel about themselves. When we compliment Nicholas on playing wonderfully, it's easy to tell his self-worth increases.

We all want to be congratulated and complimented, but we have found that for Nicholas, playing the piano has created a connection that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Children have very deep thoughts and emotional experiences that we as adults may never understand or know about. Perhaps playing the piano will provide an outlet, while also teaching discipline and hard work and heightening their self-esteem.

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