Home invasion victim gets help by typing with toes

ATLANTA, Georgia - August 4, 2010

Someone broke into the home of Amy Windom a little after midnight Tuesday morning.

An armed, masked bandit ransacked her home and tied Amy to her bed post, before he fled the crime scene.

Amy says she struggled with the man for at least an hour before he overpowered her, tied her down and fled the crime scene in her stolen car.

He also took her cell phone and iPod, but for some reason left her laptop behind.

After she thought it was safe, she began typing frantic messages on that laptop to her boyfriend, John Hilton.

"I started IM-ing him, and telling him that I was tied to the bed and robbed, and asked him to call 911," Amy said.

Remarkably Amy was able to type by using her toes. As she demonstrated for news reporters, she used the power cord to tap out her message.

"I thought, 'Well I've got my laptop here, I wonder what I could do'. You know, you see these amazing stories of people who are paralyzed and they do things with their feet, and I thought, 'Well I've got some time on my hands. I'll give it a try.'"

The messages she sent included:


-"Call 911 police"

-"I'm home tied to bed"

-"Typing with toes"

-"Robbed midnight"

Amy's boyfriend says he was able to call 911, and within minutes police arrived at Amy's home.

As for the victim, she says she relieved to have survived the assault, but she has a whole new appreciation for her feet.

As for her boyfriend, he said "I'm just happy she's alive."

Police are still looking for the man who broke into Amy's home.

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