Alleged "Mummy Bandit" in FBI custody

PHILADELPHIA - August 4, 2010

He is identified as 44-year-old Hiram Adams of the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia.

Adams said nothing to Action News cameras during the changing of custody, but sources say he was talking to investigators shortly after his arrest earlier in the day at the corner of Earlington and Bennington roads in Havertown.

For a year now, authorities say Adams had been robbing banks in Philadelphia and the suburbs wearing bandages on his face and arms; he was subsequently dubbed the "Mummy Bandit".

A teller, who had seen surveillance pictures of him on Action News last week, noticed a man fitting the description trying to get into the Alliance Bank on Township Road Tuesday, but it was closed.

"He was wearing a baseball cap and he had the bandages on his face and bandages on his hand and he was carrying a yellow plastic bag, which is consistent with the other robberies he's done," FBI spokesman J.J. Klaver said.

Haverford Township police kept the bank under surveillance Wednesday.

A detective spotted a car around the corner that matched the description of a vehicle seen at one of the other robberies.

"I immediately recognized him from his photos that were supplied to us by the FBI and when he turned towards me, I saw that he was carrying the yellow bag that he was carrying in all of his robberies," Deputy Chief John Viola of the Haverford Township Police said.

An Action News viewer captured the arrest on camera and the bag can be seen.

Further, Adams, who walks with a distinctive limp, was also wearing the same green-stripe shirt used on a previous robbery.

Action News has learned that he was previously arrested in Philadelphia back on July 10th for drugs, but he was subsequently let go because, at the time, no one knew he was the alleged "Mummy Bandit."

At the time of the arrest, Adams was with his girlfriend, who was also arrested, and her three young children. The children, ages 6, 4, and 2, were handed over to the girlfriend's parents.

They say Adams has been out of work for about two years. They were stunned to hear what happened.

The girlfriend was released from custody, but could face charges. She claims not to have known anything.

Haverford Township police are gratified to have helped bring the "Mummy Bandit's" year-long reign of terror to an end.

Sources say Adams has since confessed to as many as 7 robberies.

They say the only weapon on Adams at the time of the arrest was a pocketknife, but they have yet to search his car to see if there are more weapons there.

Adams faces a number of charges and is expected to be arraigned in federal court Thursday.

Meanwhile, the FBI reminds residents that there are still four men on the loose robbing banks again and again in the Philadelphia region. They are asking the public for their help and if you see these men, call 911.


7/21/09:Valley Green Bank, 7226 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia

7/8/09: Wachovia Bank, 1700 Market Street, Philadelphia

6/4/10: Sovereign Bank, 800 East Willow Grove Avenue, Wyndmoor

5/28/10: Citizens Bank, 8616 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia

5/4/10: Citizens Bank, 3201 Cheltenham Avenue, Wyncote


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