Trenton mayor faces foreclosure

TRENTON - August 4, 2010

To be clear, Action News has yet to hear any explanation from Mayor Tony Mack because he has decided to stay silent and stay behind closed doors.

It was learned Mack's Berkely Square home could be headed for foreclosure.

According to sheriffs records, his lender wants $369,000, a forced sale has been scheduled.

An unidentified woman told us no comment as she shut the door of the home.

Action News received more closed doors at Trenton's City Hall where we were halted by the mayor's security staff.

In a front page story in The Tentonian, Mack equated his troubles with the bankruptcies of Donald Trump.

Mack has had a rocky start. In June, police were called to quiet a group of angry Mack election workers who said Mack had failed to pay them.

Just this week, it was learned the mayor's new Housing and Economic Director had once pleaded guilty to theft.

Today, police were at the City Clerk's office apparently in an abortive attempt to evict the clerk; critics say is part of a larger power play by the new mayor.

On the streets of Trenton, the reactions to the mayor's mortgage troubles were mixed.

Some wondered if he's qualified.

"To me, if you can't run your own home, how are you going to run a city?" resident Jimmy Villa said.

"That seems awfully hard to believe; I can't figure out what the reason is, why did he let it go so long?" resident Andy Straka said.

But others were sympathetic, saying it could happen to anyone.

One woman suggested passing the hat.

"If it takes us to donate money to help him to help him get on his feet, we ought to come together," resident Andy Straka said.

It is not clear, what the mayor is doing as he has yet to say anything on this matter.

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