Adsum is arriving in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - August 5, 2010

Its name is the Latin word for "I arrive."

Philadelphia, prepare for Adsum - where octopus meets a lime garnish.

The last time Action News caught up with /*Matthew Levin*/, he was head chef at the Rittenhouse Hotel and using liquid nitrogen to cook fish with cold. Some called him part chef and part mad scientist.

This summer, he opened Adsum, his bistro at 5th and Bainbridge. It features less high science but still plenty of creativity.

In Adsum's kitchen, a normal skillet creates a seafood entrée. The chef sautés octopus, adds a simple sauce, and a slice of lime for garnish -- no lab equipment necessary.

One more twist at Adsum: the kitchen is active all night. You can order anything off the dinner menu as late as 1 a.m.

For the most part, that's only the rule at diners and in Chinatown. So will Philadelphians turn into late-night eaters?

"I'm going to take them," said Levin.

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