Youthful leaders recognized at Young Heroes Awards

CENTER CITY - August 5, 2010

Attending Samuel Fels High School, one of the most violent in the Philadelphia School District, has not been easy for Kevin So.

The Cambodian native has witnessed many violent eruptions due to race and has seen his own friends become victims, as well.

"It's time for me to take a stand and stand up for the youth," Kevin said.

And that is exactly what he's doing.

Today, he and two of his classmates were honored at the TD Bank Heroes Awards for forming an organization to stop the hate.

From overcoming personal battles and helping others, to simply building friendships, as one 10-year-old proves, it all constitutes being a young hero.

"I like to make friends with everybody, I'm not an evil person," 10-year-old Talib Coffield of Philadelphia said.

No, he's the opposite.

For being the great unifier in his fourth grade class, George Washington Elementary School student Talib Coffield was also recognized.

"He's going to make a great lawyer, he argues, he's good, he's a really great kid, he's very good at building friendships with new kids who come into the classroom, he likes everyone," Talib's teacher Candace Kean said.

"My mom, she inspires me every day, every day I get on the school bus, she says, 'Have a great day, don't let nothing get in your way," Talib said.

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