Man crams luxury life in 350 sq. feet

HONG KONG - August 6, 2010

One designer actually managed to squeeze 20 rooms into that small area.

It's roughly 350 square feet.

Mathematically, it's quite endless but one can make roughly around 20 different rooms.

Instead of moving from one room to another in this space, the rooms move for you.

A few wall shifts reveal a kitchen, the master bedroom, the office, a laundry area, a spa-themed bathroom, guest accommodation, and more. There's even a mini movie-theatre.

The designer grew up in the very same apartment, over 30 years ago, sharing it with his mother and father, three sisters -- and a tenant!

Hong Kong's biggest little home even works as a party pad. The designer once entertained 20 friends here. He admits, though, that when guests wanted to have private phone conversations, they had to do so in the shower.

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