Sex offender charged with child porn in Delco

FOLSOM, Pa. - August 6, 2010

Police arrested 30-year-old Anthony Diodoro, of the 200 block of Baltimore Avenue, after a probation officer found 75 explicit videos on a laptop at the suspect's home.

Diodoro was convicted of sexual abuse of children in June, 2009 and was released on probation in December.

On June 24, 2010, investigators went to Diodoro's home for a compliance check.

During a search, police say they found a laptop computer on the floor of the basement where Diodoro was sleeping.

Diodoro admitted that the computer was his property and that he used it to access the internet in his bedroom, the D.A. said. However, a condition of Diodoro's sentence mandated no unsupervised computer use.

On his computer, investigators said they found a file-sharing service popular with sex offenders.

A further search revealed a total of 72 videos of apparent child pornography on the laptop, investigators said, adding that several of the videos feature the same female toddler.

When the officers confronted Diodoro with their findings, he allegedly admitted that he had been searching out pornography and admitted the children he saw were children ranging from the ages of 8 to 15 years of age.

As an accused repeat offender, he faces 25 years in prison.

Diodoro lived with his parents, which is right across the street from a child care facility. Officials say they did not know that when they allowed Diodoro to return to his parents' home after prison.

As it turns out, Diodoro's first conviction led to a landmark state Supreme Court ruling that defined what it meant to possess child pornography on a computer. The court ruled that viewing the material is the same as possessing it, even if it's not saved to a file.

Neighbors say they had no idea a sex offender was living among them.

"This is emotional because I have young nephews and nieces," said Linda Hovanic. "Thank God for the system that they got him off the streets and off the websites."

Diodoro is being held without bail in the Delaware County Prison.

News of this arrest comes one day after, the Delaware County D.A. announced the arrest of first grade teacher David Devine, who is accused of having hundreds of pornographic images and videos of children on his computer.

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