Police capture alleged serial robber in Bucks

LEVITTOWN, Pa. - August 7, 2010 -

Rashee Tyree Daniels and Kathleen Smith were arraigned in Levittown early Saturday morning.

Police say Smith drove the getaway car for Daniels after he got into a scuffle with a clerk inside a Levittown Subway sandwich shop back on July 25th.

A tipster called police after seeing the video of the fight on the news.

Once in custody, police say Daniels admitted robbing four Subways, three Gamestops, an antique store, and a grocery store -- all in the lower Bucks County area.

Daniels allegedly stole no more than a thousand dollars in all heists combined.

He told police he threw some of the cash from the Subway scuffle heist in a sewer because it had his blood on it.

Daniels and Smith are facing a slew of charges.

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