Parenting: The paradigm of development for a newborn baby

August 9, 2010

  • At birth, you have to do just about everything for babies, except maybe help them breathe
  • When they start grabbing stuff you have to make sure they don't put it in their mouths
  • When they start standing up on their own, you have to quarantine everything in your house from the ground up to three feet
  • When they start talking, you have to watch what you talk about
  • When they start understanding, you have to also watch what people on your televisions are talking about
  • When they start reading, you have to make them want to read more
  • When they are old enough to start school, you have to teach them that it is okay to not need you by their side 24/7
  • When they are old enough to drive, you wish they wanted you to still drive them around
  • When they are old enough to learn even more, you have to fork over an arm and a leg for an education
  • When they are old enough to leave, you wonder how it happened so fast.
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