Help kids make the transition back to school

PHILADELPHIA - August 9, 2010

"I'm a little nervous because I don't know what my teacher is going to be like, or my friends and what class I'm going to be in," said 10-year-old Alivia Scandone.

She's getting ready for the big transition into fourth grade. Luckily for Alivia her mom, Kristen Waterfield, knows a thing or two about back to school jitters - she's the president of the Malvern School in Glen Mills.

Waterfield's first piece of advice - create a plan.

"Children like what's familiar, children like a schedule, they really thrive on that," she said.

She says start the bed times 15 minutes earlier to get kids into the routine.

Also, don't forget to start pulling out those books.

"Prepare in the summer, start them doing some more reading, clear out those cob webs," said Waterfield.

You should also start familiarizing them with their new school as well.

"Really start talking to them about school, drive them to the school so they know what route you're going to be taking," Waterfield said.

Experts say starting the process now, just a few before the beginning of the school year, will help your child in the transition.

When the first day finally arrives, make sure you give yourselves extra time.

Alivia also has a bit of advice:

"Listen to your parents, they have good advice for you," she said. "Just be yourself and you'll make lots of friends."

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