N.J. town launches anti-graffiti cameras

August 11, 2010 4:41:40 PM PDT
We're getting to the point that if you do something wrong outside the friendly confines of your own house, you're likely to be caught on camera.

We know that's the case if you're writing graffiti in parts of Gloucester Township, New Jersey.

There are 70,000 people in the township that is taking a tough stand on Graffiti; it promises to get tougher.

Last week a special high-resolution wireless camera was installed along a remote area of a bike path beneath Route 42. The section is often targeted by graffiti writers.

On Sunday the camera snapped photos of a 14- and a 15-year-old. Police have charged them with criminal mischief for spray painting graffiti.

The camera, made by a California company, is called the Flashcam 880. It has been used across the country to nab vandals of all sorts. The camera can call attention to itself if need be by playing recorded messages.

As Action News showed you in a special report last year Philadelphia has ten of the units to catch illegal short dumpers. So far there have been 13 arrests in Philadelphia.

So just how big is the graffiti problem in Gloucester Township? It's not an epidemic. If you look very hard you can find graffiti around, but it is still rare. That's just the way the mayor and police chief would like to keep it.

The thinking is that unchecked graffiti can hurt a community's quality of life. The mayor wants a new ordinance that would make parents financially responsible for the damage caused by their underage kids.