Speak with Facebook friends for free

August 11, 2010

Facebook has become the way to stay connected, but now you can connect with your Facebook friends the old fashion way --- over the phone. Vonage had designed an application that allows you to call any of your Facebook friends for free. Your friends have to have the application, but the app doesn't even need to be activated for the call to go through.

Curriki.com is a site that offers free educational resources and online curriculum plus instructional materials for grades K through 12. This site doesn't just offer textbooks or worksheets it focuses on the curriculum as a whole, providing instructions and assessments. The goal is to bridge the educational divide around the world.

Now we all know how powerful the internet is to get a message across; one local mayor is using it to get a very specific message out to some residents

The Mayor of Reading, Pa., Tom McMahon, calls it the Wall of Shame. The site uses Google Maps to highlight blighted properties around the area and below it photographs of the properties are posted along with addresses and the names of the landlords.

"They've been given every chance to step forward and do something about it but they haven't done it and it's time for us to take some action," McMahon said.

Many of the properties are a focus of the city's Blighted Property Review Committee. The idea: Shame the landlords into taking responsibility for their real estate.

McMahon: "If you see your property on the Wall of Shame and you come forward to us and say that you can do something about it to clean it up, put your money where your mouth is."

On a lighter note, if you want to have a little fun or need a good website to waste some time, check out monoface.com. Let's call it the modern day Mr. Potato Head. It provides a gallery of facial photographs; simply click on different parts of the face and you instantly find out how Joe's nose looks with Peter's mouth and Ellen's hair. Careful it can be a little scary and very addicting.

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