Friday 13th marks man's lucky life

ALDAN, Pa. - August 13, 2010

Don't tell Jack Edmundson that Friday the 13th's not lucky. Today is his 90th birthday. "Dad's birthday's always a biggie for us," says his daughter Joan Drake.

Despite his "unlucky" birthday, Jack's life has been blessed.

The father of 4, grandfather of 10, great-grandfather of 11 and great-great-grandfather of 2 might not have met his wife Janet, but for the off-chance that he was a volunteer usher in church one particular Sunday.

He was even lucky during World War II. He ended up being stationed 10 miles away from his father's family in Ireland, and then ten miles away from his mom's family in England.

When the Mayor of Aldan, Pa. couldn't finish his term in 1989, the council unexpectedly gave Jack the job.

Jack says he doesn't know the secret of his happy, lucky life; but his loving family suspects he does.

"He just has a real gentle spirit about him. Just has lead by example throughout the years, what it means to be an adult in this society," says Many Porick, Jack's granddaughter.

Even more members of the Edmundson family will gather at the Aldan Union Church for a birthday party during the weekend.

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