Get free money for holiday shopping

The winter holidays may seem far, far in the future, but they'll be here quicker than you think. If you'd like to save money in December, it's a good idea to start planning your holiday gift-buying right now..

Just this month, Sears brought back the Christmas Club card it launched last year. You can use the card not just at Sears, but also at the company's Lands' End and Kmart stores. You can put away as little as $5, $10, or $20. Plus, for cards activated from now through October 31st, the retailers will add an extra 3% up to $100 toward the amount you've put on the card. But the 3% reward will be calculated based upon your card's balance as of the cut-off date -- November 15th.

After that savings deadline, the card basically turns into a gift card but has no expiration and no fees.

You can open the savings card online or in stores and the money can be used to pay off layaway purchases or to make regular purchases.

Toys R Us launched a very similar program this year, which also gives you an additional 3% above your savings total.

However, the Toys R us 3% reward program ends on October 16th. Plus, you'll get an additional sum of only $75 instead of $100.

You can open a Toys R Us Christmas Savers Club card for as little as $1 and then also use the savings at Babies R Us.

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