High speed police chase ends in Trenton

TRENTON, N.J. - August 16, 2010

The high speed pursuit occurred shortly after 8:00 p.m.

It began after officers in North Trenton observed a suspected drug transaction.

Once 40-year-old Joseph Mulryne saw police, sources say, he took off in his dark colored sedan.

Mulryne, weaved through traffic, often running traffic lights and narrowly missing cars.

Police say Mulryne drove from North Trenton into Lawrence, then Hamilton Township, then back into Trenton, then into Ewing Township.

Then he temporarily lost police with a sharp turn, bringing him back into Trenton city limits one last time.

A short time later, with several police cruisers in pursuit, Mulryne lost a tire, but kept on going with smoke and sparks flying.

While police kept a safe distance, Mulryne used an off-ramp to get onto US Route 1 Southbound.

After driving northbound on the shoulder on little more than the rims, Mulryne vacated the vehicle, ran off, but didn't get much farther.

He was caught a short time later while trying to scale a fence.

He is now behind bars and facing a number of charges.

Police say they are thankful that nobody was hurt during the chase.

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