Wells running dry in Bucks Co., but why?

EAST ROCKHILL TWP., Pa. - August 17, 2010 Walter Brinkman says he couldn't believe it.

"All of a sudden with my neighbors having to re-drill wells, that tells me we have a problem with the water here."

That problem resulted in several people who live along a stretch of Schwenkmill Road to shell out thousands of dollars to drill new wells, since it would cost even more to tap into the municipal sewer line.

Neighbors who've lived in the area for as long as 50 years say the wells have never run dry before and on one property they are going from the original 70-foot wells to as much as 200-300 feet to find usable water.

So the question is how did this happen? Neighbors have their theories.

"It was completely dry and coincidence or not it was the morning after they refilled Menlo pool which holds a couple hundred thousand gallons of water and they were pumping that pump overnight I'm told," said Robert Schlitz.

Local Water Authority officials say it's true that the East Rockhill Well is one of several used to fill the municipal pool but they say the idea that filling Menlo Park pool is enough to drain any well is preposterous. Water officials say it's more likely that the answer can be found in the summer sky.

"It's been a very dry summer, it's been a very hot summer but other than that we don't have any other explanation for it," said Gary Winton, Manager-Perkasie Water Authority.

Still, those who find themselves high and dry say, if that's true, why has this never happened before? Hopefully, the answers will come this week. The water authority has hired a private hydro-geologist to investigate this case starting Wednesday.

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