4 men break into Radnor home, rob family

RADNOR, Pa. - August 18, 2010

Radnor Township Police are looking for 4 men after an early morning home invasion robbery. It happened at about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday along the 600 block of Heather Lane in the Bryn Mawr section of Radnor Township.

That block is an out of the way cul-de-sac, one of the most unlikely places for a home invasion. However, police believe the family in this case was being targeted.

"I know that time, it is pretty dark and everybody was sleeping," victim Jei Lee said.

Lee says he, his two brothers, his son, daughter and parents were all awaken from their sleep by four men wearing ski masks and pointing handguns at them.

"They hit my head by a gun," Lee said.

Lee says he was pistol-whipped and then he and his family members were tied up as the four assailants ransacked the home of about $26,000 in cash, as well as, jewelry, and a 52-inch big screen TV.

The family owns two businesses. One, a dry cleaners at 15 West 7th Street in the heart of Chester and two, a beer distributor known as Brewers Outlet at 48th and Spruce streets in West Philadelphia.

The assailants entered the home through the basement door which was unlocked. Leaving the door unlocked is something the family often does because they say they feel safe in Radnor.

"I saw a lot of news that happens, but not in this area," Lee said.

Police have issued descriptions of the assailants:

  • Male #1 - A black man, 6'1", 190lbs, wearing dark clothing and a black Philadelphia Phillies hat with a white
  • "P" and a black and white bandanna at the time of the invasion. He had tattoos on his right and left upper biceps.
  • Male #2 - A black man, 5'4", 150-160lbs., wearing dark pants and a white t-shirt. Male #2 was also wearing a white and black bandanna.
  • Male #3 - A black man, 6'1", muscular build wearing black pants and a black shirt with a white bandanna.
  • Male #4 - A black man, last seen wearing dark-colored clothing and dark-colored bandanna.
  • It's unknown if the invasion is connected to the family's businesses in Chester and West Philadelphia.

    Police are asking anyone who may have information to contact Radnor Police at 610-688-0503.

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