Police: Ex-boyfriend likely planted pipe bomb

GERMANTOWN - August 20, 2010

"Basically, your simple pipe bomb, a pipe bomb with explosive material inside and it's been capped off," Philadelphia Police Sergeant Dave Merrick said.

Authorities believe the pipe bomb is the latest in a line of threats and harassments against the ex-girlfriend of the alleged perpetrator Wayne Prater.

Action News spoke with the ex-girlfriend's sister, who explains Prater has stalked her sister Yvette since his release from jail a month ago.

"She doesn't really bother with him anymore, he just keeps coming around and harassing her," Roslyn Mason, Yvette's sister, said.

Yvette and Prater have three children together, but police say that hasn't deterred him. They say Prater has broken into her house twice this week, stealing a television and other items, and even flooded her home.

On Wednesday night, police received a 911 call allegedly from Prater. The caller stated Yvette had a pipe bomb in her home, intending to harm her children, but after reaching out to Yvette, police determined the call was a hoax.

Then on Friday, she found the pipe bomb in the basement and called authorities who believe Prater planted the bomb there during one of the break-ins. They arrested him shortly after.

"I'm glad he's been locked up and I hope they keep him locked up for good," Roslyn said.

Prater was recently released from jail. Authorities say he has a long criminal record with past charges including burglary, aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

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