Escaped murder suspect caught in Harrisburg

PHILADELPHIA - August 20, 2010

Members of the U.S. Marshals Office along with members of the Dauphin County SWAT team, acting on a tip, arrested Roane without incident.

Lawmen learned via the tip that Roane had been staying at a home there.

22-year-old Roane was in police custody for the 2009 murder of 17-year-old Kyree Young.

Roane escaped last Saturday around 2:30 in the afternoon. He was being escorted with 8 other inmates to the Curran Fromhold Prison when the Philadelphia police van in which he was riding made a stop at Frankford and Cottman avenues.

"The officers became aware that the door had become ajar, they went to look and see two of the individuals they see running from the van," Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Frank Vanore said.

The officers jumped out of the vehicle and quickly captured the two prisoners, but a handcuffed Roane was gone.

Police are blaming a malfunctioning rear door for allowing the inmates to getaway.

"What I found out is that particular van had some type of malfunction on one of the doors and the bolt came loose and the door became open where the three were able to move and get out," Vanore said.

Commissioner Ramsey has recalled the faulty transportation vans and taken them off the street pending an investigation.

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