Freebies, warnings on back to school specials

August 23, 2010

This is one of my favorite websites. It's called Wallet-Pop and right now it has an awesome blog with all kinds of ways to get FREE and Discounted Back to School supplies.

Let's talk free first.

Vista Print is offering TWELVE BTS freebies right now... and they're all customizable. They include one free photo wall calendar, a free t-shirt, vinyl banner, and even a custom stamp that's great for marking books, binders, and other student belongings.

You do have to pay a couple dollars for shipping. And watch out for upsells - make sure you just sign up for the freebie instead of paying for stuff you really don't need.

And here's a consumer warning: Do read the fine print on freebie offers. For instance, one particular website is offering free world maps. But - And this is a big BUT - check out what you have to do to get the map. Provide all this info to a third-party sponsor and agree to receive phone calls from agents offering health insurance quotes.

Doesn't seem worth it to me but you make the decision for yourself.

Now these back to school Discounts - I DO like!

Through, college-bound students can get $200 off a new Mac and REI is offering 20-percent off certain backpacks.

On, AT&T is taking $50 off and giving free shipping for new cell phones.

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