Woman's weight causes mani/pedi controversy

LITHONIA, Georgia - August 23, 2010 "I was humiliated. I almost cried. I turned my face, to just you know, because tears were forming in my eyes."

Michelle Fonville says her experience at Natural Nails in Lithonia on Monday turned from pleasant to painful in a matter of moments. She says things went downhill after she'd gotten her manicure, pedicure and eyebrow arch and the manager gave her the bill. She realized she'd been overcharged by $5.00.

"I said I've been overcharged. I said she may have made an error. She broke it down, then she told me she charged me five dollars more because I was overweight. I said, "ma'am you can't charge me five dollars more." I said, "that's discrimination. You can't discriminate against me because of my weight."

"That's not discrimination. That's not about discrimination," said salon manager Kim Tran.

Tran says it's about the salon chairs that cannot hold more than 200 pounds or it could lead to costly repairs.

"$2500. You think that that's fair? When we take $24 and we have to pay for $2500. Is that fair? No," said Tran.

The manager did refund Fonville the $5 overcharge and told her to take her business elsewhere.

"I say, "Michelle, sorry. Next time I cannot take you."

"It was a matter of fact attitude. And I just couldn't believe another human being was talking to another human in that manner. The word has to get out there that these people are discriminating against us because of our weight. I mean, come on. We're in America. You can't do that," said Fonville.

Fonville says the nail salon should post its weight policy to save customers the humiliation.

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