Multiple robberies/thefts in Center City Phila.

CENTER CITY - August 23, 2010 Police have released surveillance video from a July 19th robbery attempt outside the Ellington at 1500 Chestnut.

Police say two men followed a young mother when one tries to distract the woman by forcing his way into the building. Mother and child are separated and the stroller actually begins to roll down the sidewalk. The attempted robbery is foiled when another woman begins to argue with one of the suspects.

The most recent robbery allegedly happened last Monday. A 93-year-old woman was inside an elevator on the 1500 block of Locust. One suspect distracted the security guard while a co-hort followed the elderly woman onto the elevator. When the woman got off on the 9th floor the suspect allegedly stole $6 and kicked her breaking her wrist.

All of the victims have been women. The thieves strike during the day and all of the crimes have occurred on Monday.

Police say surveillance photos also show an elderly woman robbed inside an elevator on the 100 block of S. Broad. Police say the woman tried to get off when one suspect grabbed her, an accomplice then snagged her wallet and got away with about $20.

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