Dozens of apt. residents in danger of losing homes

OGONTZ - August 23, 2010 "That is, this is our home."

Pam was just released from the hospital on Sunday. Still recovering from a bacterial infection in her leg that required 3 separate surgeries, she is also preparing for a 4th. Where she'll recover, though, she isn't quite sure.

"I have nowhere else to go. If they throw me out of my home, I have nowhere else to go. It's not fair," she said.

Pam is one of dozens of residents of the Granada Apartments in the 6100 block of North 17th Street in Ogontz who came home Monday to word they may soon be forced to leave. The building's central fire system doesn't work, rendering the complex a safety risk. But the fire system is just one problem residents say has gone totally ignored.

"We got multiple places and multiple things to be fixed in this apartment and nothing is being done," said Keisha McHenry Mitchell.

Keisha says she and others have been calling their landlord for months with no answer. All while trash sits uncollected outside, and piles up inside, holes go unpatched, hallways go uncleaned, mail goes undelivered and bills go unpaid. One bill is delinquent to the tune of more than $7,000.

The owner, a man residents identify as David Pollak, won't return their phone calls and didn't return ours. The number listed on the sign outside is disconnected.

Pollack, residents say, has returned only to collect rent each month which tenants tell us they must pay or face late fees few here can afford.

Inside the rental office is a total mess. Documents listing social security numbers disappeared, along with the landlord, whose license to operate the building, city records show, expired in February.

"I want to know where we gonna go, l what are we gonna do. There are families out here, where we gonna go?"

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