Mrs. Fixit:Frosted Lantern

August 28, 2010

All you need is some frosted glass spray paint, some letter stickers and an inexpensive glass lantern.

Look for a glass lantern where the glass is held in by little metal tabs so the panels can be easily removed. Take out all four panels and lay them outside on a covered work surface.

On one of the panels smooth some stickers out on the glass. I am using my friend's monogram, but you could use anything that you think would be meaningful to your hostess. Smooth your stickers in place with a credit card to be sure there are no bubbles.

Make sure that you follow the instructions that come with your frosted paint; mine says to shake vigorously for two minutes before using it.

Once it's set use a steady back and forth motion to cover each panel of glass, wait a couple of minutes and then spray a second coat.

Let the panels sit until they're completely dry. Then carefully use a utility knife to peel back one of the corners of your sticker monogram.

Insert the panels back into the lantern with the frosted surface facing out. Secure the tabs back in place and you're all set.

A great one of a kind gift for under ten dollars! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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