Mrs. Fixit:Cabinet Inspiration

September 5, 2010

Pull out shelves allow you to take full advantage of the depth of your cabinets. Plus you'll never have to dig around or empty a cabinet to find the seldom used pot you have way in the back. Slide out that shelf and grab the item you need.

Along those same lines, super deep drawers allow you to store items you never could before. I always wondered what the point of a lot of small drawers were when you could only fit silverware and towels in them. These drawers can hold anything i need in them.

Another cool feature on these drawers is you can't slam them.

Slamming drawers can loosen screws, fronts and tracks, these drawers have a build in hydraulic that allows them to catch and close slowly.

Slide out garbage bins in place of a cabinet allow you to have trash and recycling closed up and out of the way.

How about these nice wide drawers with their own divider system. take full advantage of the space that the drawer has to offer.

If a new kitchen isn't in the budget, don't worry. you can buy a lot of these elements at your local home improvement store and add them to your existing cabinetry.

I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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