Mrs. Fixit: Socks in the Toolbox

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September 11, 2010 5:38:01 AM PDT
Socks may not be something that you have in your toolbox, but you should because I have so many uses for them around the house.

Store your safety glasses in an old sock, it will protect the lenses from getting scratched and dirty in your toolbox.

A pair of large cotton socks are great to have on hand to use as booties. From painting projects to walking across a clean floor with dirty shoes; these little booties will keep your floors clean and your shoes paint free.

Speaking of painting, after you've cleaned your paintbrushes, protect them with a sock.

Cut the cuff off of an athletic sock. Slide the cuff up the handle and onto the bristles of the paintbrush to keep them clean and even so your brush is ready the next time you need it.

That same cuff can protect you from drips while painting, or washing windows or any other job where something might drip down your arm. Pull the cuff over your wrist for an instant guard to protect your sleeves.

A few compelling reasons to store some socks in your toolbox! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!