Rip currents restrict shore bathers

OCEAN CITY, N.J. (AP) - August 30, 2010 On beaches from Maryland to New Jersey, rip currents and strong swells in the Atlantic Ocean associated with Hurricane Danielle meant another day of swimming restrictions Monday.

Bathers were allowed a little more freedom in the water, permitted to go waist-deep into the water after being restricted to being in just knee deep over the weekend.

Some beaches have banned boogie boards.

This comes after lifeguards had to rescue dozens of people down the shore over the weekend.

In Atlantic City, the beach patrol made 52 rescues on Saturday and 54 on Sunday. Fortunately, there were no injuries or deaths.

Manasquan lifeguards made 40 rescues on Sunday and there were 20 to 25 people pulled from the surf in Seaside Heights.

More pounding surf is possible throughout the week as Hurricane Earl moves close to the East Coast.

Earl, battered Puerto Rico on Monday and is expected to zip up the coast, bringing at least more rough seas, and possibly tropical storm conditions, including heavy rain and strong wind to some areas.

Earl is expected to pass off the coast of North Carolina on Thursday and continue parallel to land, passing by Maine on Saturday.

National Hurricane Center maps show a chance that it could hit land anywhere from North Carolina through New England.

Authorities say a Florida surfer died and a Maryland man has been missing since Saturday. So far, fatalities have been reported at New Jersey beaches.

Shore towns are also dealing with a dwindling crop of lifeguards some have returned to college and others to teaching jobs. It's an annual problem but one the communities have learned to deal with in order to keep most beaches open and safe for swimmers. Especially with more heavy surf predicted for later this week when we will feel the effects of Hurricane Earl.


Rip current awareness from the NOAA.

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