Proposed airport expansion to bring jobs … and noise?

August 31, 2010 A map of the plan shows the massive UPS facility would relocate from the south side to the northwest. That would make way for a 5th runway to be built along and actually extend into the river. Other runways would grow; a new commuter terminal would arrive along with a people mover.

The promise is tens of thousands of construction jobs and 3 thousand permanent jobs.

For proponents the expansion would mean more flights and more jobs but for some neighbors though there is a distinct downside when it comes to noise.

For decades jets have roared over Tinicum Township.

But the expansion will bring more than just additional noise to grow; the airport will need to buy and teardown buildings in Tinicum. It and Delaware County are embroiled in a federal court case challenging the legality.

"They are going to displace 72 homes, 85 business, there will be a tax effect on the Interboro school district of $1.8-million that they will lose in tax revenue because they displaced these businesses ," said Delaware County Council Chairman Jack Whelan.

Critics of the expansion say it's better if other airports, Atlantic City and Lehigh Valley grew instead. But Philadelphia argues growth there won't create new jobs here.

As government battles Tom Kenish is resigned his home will be torn down in the name of airport expansion, he would just like to know when.

"Everybody knows it's going to happen eventually, it's just when a lot of people want to fix up house do stuff, but don't know if its two years from now or 20 years."

Nothing will happen quickly, the most optimistic estimate is the $5-billion expansion would take 10 to 15 years to complete if it gets clearance to fly.

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