Expecting father delivers own baby

ABINGTON, Pa. - August 31, 2010 "Hit every red light, it's taking forever, we're hitting every bump and she's just starting to freak out," exclaimed John Culver.

On Friday night John rushed his wife Sarah to Montgomery Hospital, just 25 miles away, but felt more like an eternity.

"I've never experienced that before so it was just a lot of panic screaming," she said.

"I thought we'd make it and she said I have to push, I was like ok, well that can take a little while and she said I feel the head, I went, oh no," said John.

In the back of a car, just a mile away from the emergency room, Scarlet Ray made her debut.

"Caught the baby and put her on her chest and we heard a little whimper, not a full-out cry but enough that we were encouraged she was okay," John said.

Each one of her sisters is happy to have her home in one piece.

"She's healthy and doing well, I guess it went so fast there wasn't any time for anything to go wrong."

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