Questions, crews remain in Scully explosion

COLLINGDALE, Pa. - September 2, 2010

Chopper 6 HD was over Scully Welding Supply in Collingdale around 9:00 a.m.

There were a few fire trucks on the scene, but no major fire was evident.

Collingdale is trying to collect its collective nerves after yesterday's carpet-bombing like eruption of explosions and walls of smoke and flames that filled the air from the Scully Welding Supply Corporation.

It took five and a half hours to bring it all under control.

Still, the next day, the danger has not entirely passed because of the propane tanks and the steamy weather.

"We have supply line of water on it because of the hot temperature and we're waiting for some more experts to come in to determine how to empty the rest of that tank," Collingdale Police Chief Robert Adams said.

Chief Adams said his town felt like a warzone as he supervised the evacuations of hundreds of residents and the employees of local businesses, including his wife, a long time Scully employee.

"I know every employee in that building, some of them went to school with my kids, some of them went to school with my officers, and then my wife's in there, and it's very nerve-wracking," Adams said.

One Scully worker who was seriously injured during the series of explosions remains hospitalized, but Action News is told that person is expected to make a complete recovery.

Next door, at Kaiser Automotive, a vintage car repair shop, the damage and loss of property is catastrophic.

9 antique trucks and one Studebaker were barely visible under the rubble of the garage adjacent to Collingdale's ground zero.

During the explosion, some propane tanks were hurled in the air as far as a half mile away.

Scully's owners were sequestered behind closed doors with their lawyers most of Thursday, resulting in no comment on the events.

Material damage has been estimated so far at $2-million.

The cause of the explosions is still under investigation.

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