Shootout sends bullet into daycare

OVERBROOK - September 2, 2010

"It was really, really loud," one bystander told Action News.

According to police, two men began shooting at one another at the intersection of 66th Street and Lebanon Avenue around 3:00 p.m. Thursday.

Bullets struck the windows of cars and trucks. Another bullet tore through the second floor bedroom window of a home. Yet another ripped through a window of the BNC Daycare on the corner where a dozen preschoolers were just waking up from their afternoon nap.

"They heard the shots outside, [one of the operators] made all the kids get down and pulled them to the back of the room," daycare operator Beikim Gaines said. According to Philadelphia Police Lieutenant John Walker, the bullet went through the first floor window and struck a wall.

Outside, a number of innocent bystanders scurried to duck for cover, including young mother Shanta Rudd and her 1-year-old child.

"I was picking my son up from daycare and I just seen guys on the corner and they were saying words back and forth and they just started shooting, so I grabbed my son and we ran in the store," Rudd said.

Philadelphia Police Captain Melvin Singleton said the police department does not tolerate these types of actions and will be out in full force.

"A tremendous act of cowardice occurred out here, where some gentlemen decided to shoot in broad daylight striking a daycare center where there were multiple children inside; luckily, no one was hurt," Singleton said.

Meanwhile, the operators of the daycare are about to take some desperate measures.

"I'm going to get the bullet-proof windows. I'm going to look over the weekend and get some," daycare operator Charmaine Gaines said.

Police have taken two young men who fit the description of the shooters into custody.

The only good thing that came out of this is that, miraculously, no innocent bystander was injured.

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