More funny than flying at Flugtag

PHILADELPHIA - September 4, 2010

The hugely hyped, yet silly, Red Bull Flugtag air show spectacle attracted many to both local waterfronts and the Ben Franklin Bridge Saturday.

The entire event is a promotion for the popular energy drink.

More than 30 entrees, some from as far away as Ohio and Virginia came to Philadelphia to look as ridiculous as possible and see if any of their homemade aircrafts could actually take flight before plunging into the Delaware.

Crews included the Flying Nuns from Long Island, New York.

Then there was the team from Cape May with an old fashioned theme of a cuckoo and a clock.

Predictably, none of these contraptions succeeded in doing anything but creating belly laughs.

This was the 19th year for what has become a certified international grand happening. It all began in Vienna, Austria, back in 1991. More than 80 countries have hosted this so far.

With admission free, the crowd ranged in the thousands.

Incidentally, they still charged spectators $2 for a can of Red Bull at the event.

Where this over the top corporate promotion goes from here is up in the air according to a Red Bull spokesperson, but be sure they'll land someplace where folks are hungry from slapstick buffoonery.

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