Snake caught after slithering through Sicklerville

SICKLERVILLE, N.J. - September 4, 2010

That comes after a resident caught a python outside last night and police say a second snake may still be on the loose.

Resident Donald Causey captured the four-foot python with his bare hands.

Neighbors say they think someone moved out of the complex and left this snake behind.

The management office sent a letter to tenants informing them about a loose snake.

But the one snake that was caught may not be the only one.

Ron Clark says the snake he saw on his front porch Tuesday night was about two feet longer than the one Donald captured.

Winslow Township police tell Action News they're not sure how many other snakes are slithering around the development.

It is legal to own a python in the state of New Jersey, but only if owners have a permit.

Police are urging anyone who spots a snake to call 911 or animal control and report the snake's location. They say you should not try to capture the snake yourself.

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