Parenting: Back to School

September 6, 2010

Your enthusiasm for your son or daughter's return to school can only make the transition easier on them. They've spent the last few months without having to worry about early wake-ups, deadlines, book bags, lunch choices, etc. Showing interest in that new teacher, their new homeroom, their new assignments, and their new lunch times can only be infectious.

And as we enjoy these final days of summer, it's tough to tell the kids they need to get their homework done first before they can go play outside. How about homework outside? Of course, as long as there are no nearby distractions.

And no matter what they say, a greeting at the bus stop means something. It may not be cool to acknowledge mom or dad while the other bus riders are watching, but deep inside, they're glad you're there for them.

And just remember this simple rule for success: show up early and prepared!

Have a great school year.

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