Meehan vs. Lentz political race

September 6, 2010 The district itself is a geographically diverse hodge-podge of constituents covering three counties stretching from Chadd's Ford, Chester County through most of Delaware County, up to King of Prussia and as far as Royersford in Montgomery County.

Both major candidates are on the move, former U.S. attorney Pat Meehan the Republican in Drexel Hill and Democrat Brian Lentz a former army officer, Iraq vet, now a State Representative door to door in Ridley.

The economy tops the agenda with voters nervous about jobs. Lentz favors altering federal law to let U.S. corporations write off R-and-D costs.

"I would do whatever is necessary to not be just competitive with oversees manufacturers but have an edge on them, when it comes to research and development, they are always going to make it cheaper overseas but we can make it better here," said Lentz.

Meehan pledges to fight Democratic efforts to roll back Bush-Era tax cuts saying in a shaky economy it's the wrong message to send.

"This not the time to raise taxes in an economy like this where our principal focus needs to be putting Americans back to work," he said.

Politically Meehan and Lentz have been slugging it out, the latest wrinkle being third party candidate Jim Schneller. Friday Meehan gave up a legal fight to keep Schneller off the ballot. Here is Lentz's take:

"Pat Meehan and 3d Candidate Jim Schneller are going to fight over the far right of the party; they are going to fight over the tea party vote."

Meehan's camp is livid saying Lentz' volunteers help put Schneller on the ballot to split the conservative vote.

"You have a candidate who is a creation of Brian Lentz."

Schneller who reportedly once filed suit demanding President Obama present his birth certificate denies he is anyone's stalking horse.

"They seek to portray me as a far right candidate where I think of myself as a man of the people."

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