Local philanthropist's idea to jumpstart economy

NEWTOWN, Pa. - September 6, 2010 "The government seems to want to throw darts at each other even though everybody is saying that we wanna do things together," said Gene Epstein.

Epstein has now turned his attention to the stalled economy and has a plan he feels will help kick start it once and for all.

"If only 10% of the small businesses hire just one additional employee, that would be a half million people in the first month."

Epstein is challenging the nation's 5.7 million small business owners with fewer than 500 employees to hire just one more employee for 6 months. A move he believes will cause a positive economic chain reaction.

"Now there's more consumers buying goods, it becomes a positive turnaround, more businesses will get on, it'll be a chain reaction."

Epstein has contacted 24 different business people that he knows from across the region. Two absolutely rejected his idea. Others were more intrigued, but some worry about what lies ahead.

"Their feeling is they're gonna sit on the sidelines and do nothing. Well, I say let's take the bull by the horns and hire that one person, even though you might be able to hire 10. Just hire one, see what happens in 30 to 60 days."

To help stir the pot, Epstein is adding an incentive. For every small business that hires one employee for 6 months, he will donate $1,000 in their honor to non-profit groups like Project Home, the Red Cross shelter, Philabundance, The Wounded Warrior Fund and others through his foundation, up to $250,000.

"I think it's a win/win situation. You won't find people at that point saying, 'Oh well, he has an incentive to help businesses.' No it's to help everybody."

Small Business owners who want to participate or want more information should contact:

The Epstein Foundation
PO Box 28
Penns Parks, PA. 18943

or e-mail: TheGEMfoundation@verizon.net

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