Woman struck, killed outside nightclub ID'd

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - September 7, 2010

Roughly 85 hours after the outburst of violence police are still trying to decide what the truth is here and what the charges should be against the person responsible for the death of a Nicetown woman who was out clubbing with her friends.

"They were already drunk so the lady that owns the club told them that they couldn't come back in," said Andrea Jefferson who was a witness that night.

Jefferson described the madness that erupted around 4:30 Saturday morning outside Club Motivation on 8th an Dauphin in North Philadelphia.

The owner had an altercation with two women that she tossed out, and then chaos, ending in the death of 27-year-old Alisha Moore a woman Jefferson calls her wife.

Jefferson says the suspect returned in a speeding car and deliberately ran into the crowd that had gathered outside the club.

"I just seen the car come speeding down the street into a crowd, um I seen armed security that worked at the club shoot at the vehicle and I seen the vehicle turn, it comes around again and same target towards the crowd."

Five people were injured and remain hospitalized; Alisha Moore was struck and killed in that second pass-by police say.

Witnesses told her father that she was trying to save other lives.

"My daughter was pushing other people out of harm's way and she fell victim," said Stan Elam.

Two women were taken into custody at the scene but remain free as police and the D.A. sift through conflicting stories to see if murder or manslaughter charges are appropriate.

Moore's friends and family are grieving and demanding justice and are still shocked that it came to this.

"They went on a rampage like they were so angry for what I don't know why," said Jefferson.

The driver of the car claims she lost control of the vehicle because she was being shot at, for now the police investigation continues.

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