Parenting: A Mohawk haircut - really?

September 7, 2010

It's not the first time he's asked for one, in fact there have been occasions when we've actually let him wear his hair like the famous "Mr. T", for a day or two during the weekends, then give him a normal cut in time for school.

But as he's about to start 3rd grade, he decided he wanted to be different, wanted to stand out from the crowd, perhaps make a "hair-raising" impression on his new teacher.

We told him no Mohawk - not this time at least. But as a parent I was mindful that when a special occasion happens in a child's life (like starting 3rd grade) they are searching for an identity to underscore the excitement he or she is feeling. Some experts might take it a bit further. According to one child psychologist, pre-teens and younger are searching for who they are in a world of changes, peer pressure and responsibilities.

It's a good thing that a child wants to stand out - that they want to be their own person, and not just one of many in the crowd. We as parents should want that for our children, even if it means letting them wear a Mohawk sometimes.

If this is how he wants to express himself, so be it. Just not on the first day of school.

Maybe for fourth grade.

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