Rescued dog rescues family from fire


That's why Rosemary Lyman is calling Samson, a chow mix, a superhero.

"It was going up like a matchbox," Rosemary said.

It all happened on Sunday afternoon at her home in Northeast Philadelphia.

Rosemary said she was in her bedroom while her husband was in his office. Somehow, her living room carpet, a fish tank and some drapes caught fire.

No one suspected anything was wrong until Samson kept barking, something he normally doesn't do.

"My husband came out and just screamed real loud 'Oh my God! Get in here!'" said Rosemary.

Rosemary's husband tore down the drapes and quickly stomped out the fire - all under Samson's watchful eye.

She believes it was a faulty extension cord that ignited the small blaze.

Though Samson may have rescued the Lymans, it turns out the couple rescued the dog first. Rosemary said Samson was abused as a puppy, and was adopted from the SPCA.

"They didn't think he'd be a dog that could be adopted," said Rosemary.

But he's since come a long way - interacting more easily with people and even becoming a superhero.

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