Raccoons are nocturnal nightmare for neighborhood

WEST KENSINGTON - September 8, 2010

Until recently, neighbors say they had never seen a raccoon around their homes, but now they say it's a nightly occurrence.

As Action News was interviewing residents, one raccoon picked his spot right over a porch.

From his perch on the porch roof, the raccoon seemed to survey his new neighborhood.

People in the area say these critters are a recent addition to their West Kensington block.

The first ones popped up in early July and since then residents say the raccoons have become bolder.

Apparently one of the critters' favorite hangouts is one woman's porch roof. She ripped out the front hoping it would dissuade them, but no luck; it mostly just gives onlookers a better view.

Neighbors want them gone and say they've called the Pennsylvania SPCA and Animal Control, but weren't satisfied with their response.

"They're going to charge us to capture it and we need to buy the cages," West Kensington resident Jessica said.

"I was like so you mean to tell us the whole neighborhood has to gather money, get a cage, do your job, so you come around to just take it?" resident Tiny said.

On Wednesday night, as the garbage was out for trash day, neighbors assume it will be just a matter time before the raccoons will be back out, too.

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