Philadelphia's Greenfest 2010

PHILADELPHIA - September 9, 2010

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But you can color it green on Sunday for the fifth annual Green Fest.

"Every year we pick a different theme just to help educate on one specific aspect of green living. This year it's fashion," says Jennifer Bendik of Greenfest Philly.

One of the buzz words in fashion this year is "organic." Because more and more designers are paying attention to the source of their fabrics. But Green Fest's fashion emphasis goes further.

"We also have at our festival what's called a clothing swap. You clean out your closet and you can bring all your clothing to the festival and then pick through what other people have brought to the festival. You can walk away with some really nice items, you'd be surprised," Bendik says.

Another take on green fashion is what's called re-purposing; shopping at thrift stores where you can save money while you help the environment.

Green Fest is admission-free and for the whole family. That means no shortage of events for kids.

"We have Kivka pottery that's going to be here, so you can play with clay from the earth and make pottery. We have the Girls Scouts joining us again with an activity for the kids. We have a lot of music for the kids," Bendik said. " The kids are going to get their own red carpet runway and fashion show and they can play dress-up."

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