Police fire at charging, knife-wielding suspect

PINE HILL, N.J. - September 10, 2010

The incident occurred around 8:40 p.m. Thursday on the 100 block of Cranford Drive.

Officials say two Pine Hill police officers shot a man armed with a knife and wearing a mask like that worn by the serial killer in the movie Halloween as he charged them outside his home.

The man, identified as 37-year-old James Cline, is in critical condition at Cooper University Hospital in Camden and is being treated for multiple gunshot wounds.

It appears Cline made 911 calls Thursday night falsely reporting a prowler in his neighborhood.

He provided a description of the prowler that in fact was a description of himself, a man with a knife and a Michael Myers mask, and told the 911 dispatcher the prowler was at his home.

Three Pine Hill officers and a Clementon officer responded to the report and knocked on the door to Cline's home.

No one answered and as one officer walked around the property, Cline jumped out from behind a bush at the side of the house and ran at the officers, wielding a kitchen knife.

Officers ordered Cline to stop and drop his weapon before firing.

An investigation is ongoing.

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