The 9-1-1 operator who answered Kraft shooter's call


After alleged shooter Yvonne Hiller fatally shot two coworkers and critically wounded another, police say she made her way to a second floor office.

There, with her .357 Magnum in hand, she began making phone calls.

One of those calls was to 911. On the other end of the line was 21-year police veteran, Corporal Janice Leader.

"I just started asking her what was going on and why she was doing this and, basically, wanted to know how she ended up in Nabisco. She told me she was an employee and these coworkers were harassing her," 9-1-1 supervisor Leader said.

Leader said she found out where Hiller lived. According to Leader, Hiller referenced her neighbors were also harassing her.

As Leader collected information from the suspect, a colleague was typing it into a computer, transmitting the information to officers on the scene through their mobile data terminals.

She was on the phone with the suspect for 40 minutes when suddenly, a crucial moment came that would determine if Corporal Leader's work was going to pay off.

"She said, 'I see the door opening,''" Leader recalled.

Leader asked Hiller if she saw police. At first, Hiller responded no. After Leader told Hiller to put the gun down, the police came into Hiller's view.

Leader then told Hiller to place the gun down again and put her hands on top of her head.

She told Hiller, "So they know you're not taking any aggressive action towards them."

Hiller followed Leader's commands and the conversation ended. Over the phone, Leader heard police placing Hiller under arrest.

Corporal Leader has spent 5 years in police radio.

She is being hailed for her negotiating skills that possibly saved the lives of others in the factory on Thursday night.

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