West Chester grad, copilot honored on 9/11

WEST CHESTER, Pa. - September 11, 2010

The star quarterback of the early 1980's, Michael Horrocks, created a lot of pride for the Golden Rams.

As number 14, he led his team to its first victory in 1983.

"It was a great experience, he was a great guy even off the field, on the field, great guy, and I'm glad I'm here today to celebrate his life," teammate Doug Kelly said.

Michael's death 9 years ago while copiloting United Airlines Flight 175 is something this community will never forget, but today was all about how he lived.

"Michael Robert Horrocks will always be remembered as a hero, but he will never die because his teammates have turned him into a legend," Michael's daughter Christa, 18, said.

Christa, with her 15-year-old brother Mick, bravely stood before the crowd as she talked about a man she knew very little.

"When I hear these stories of his life through family, friends, and teammates, it's as though this fog seems to vanish and I have the ability to see my father vibrantly," Christa said.

Star quarterback, Marine aviator, pilot, Michael Horrocks was many things, but for this community, he was an inspiration.

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