Sewer problems keep school closed

FRANKLIN TWP., N.J. - September 14, 2010 In fact, the start of the new academic year has been pushed back to September 27th at the earliest and some Franklin School parents are getting a little stressed out.

"We really want the school year to start right now it's the 13th-14th of September and things are not happening yet," said David Chewey.

The problem is that scheduled renovations are taking longer than expected due, primarily, to a failing sewer line. And until that sewer line is working properly the district will not get the permits needed to open the building.

New Jersey state law mandates 180 school days but the academic year must end by June 30th.

Assuming the K-8 school does open September 27th the district will have to keep its fingers crossed for a mild winter.

But the parents we spoke to say they'll worry about snow later. Right now, they're dealing with any one of a number of related problems. Peggy York of Franklin Township has just one example.

"Cathy is going into 8th grade she has to prepare for her high school testing evaluations before the holidays and we'll have already missed at least a month of school."

It's still unclear what will be done if the school cannot reopen on its new target date of September 27th. Action News tried to reach out to the school superintendent but a request for an on camera interview was denied.

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