Kadeja Walker, you're going to Disney World!

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - September 16, 2010

A stunned 17-year-old Kadeja Walker opened the lock on her front door of her North Philadelphia home and then squealed with delight as she was presented with a Minnie Mouse and a trip to Disney World.

The trip is complements of the Sunshine Foundation, which aims to answer the dreams of children who are chronically ill, physically challenged, or have been abused.

Kadeja has cerebral palsy and has never been to Disney World before.

"I just want to get on a plane and just go," Kadeja said.

6-year-old Alice Green, who recently came back from a Sunshine trip with her family, was there to show Kadeja the ropes and happy to share the highlights.

"I saw Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse and princesses," Alicia said.

Very carefully Kadeja opened the envelope that held the details of her five day trip. The $5,000 vacation includes accommodations, a rental car, and passes to three parks for her and her family.

"I want to see everything," Kadeja said.

Her mother proudly looked on and explained the courage her daughter shows each day.

"I was just overwhelmed. We never do things like this. If Kadeja is happy, I'm happy. She never complains about anything and she never gives into the fact that she's handicap," Barbara Walker said.

"Having this trip is a healing process; it helps the children emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, it boosts their confidence and it reminds them they're a kid regardless of their physical condition," Sandra Carr of the Sunshine Foundation said.

There was a lot of excitement and it's not long before they leave. The trip is in October and Kadeja's mother already has the days cleared by her principal. Disney is the parent company of 6abc.

LINK: www.sunshinefoundation.org

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