Tornado confirmed in Plumsted, New Jersey

PLUMSTED, N.J. - September 17, 2010

The tornado is classified as an EF-1. It lasted about five minutes and traveled two miles, with maximum wind speeds reaching 90 mph.

A tornado is classified EF-1 when it has wind speeds between 86-110 mph.

No injuries were reported.

Some locals were not surprised that they were hit by a twister.

Plumsted emergency management official Linda Salcfas said she saw the funnel cloud.

"The funnel cloud was at the tail end, coming out of the bottom. It was round up at the top and it just flew by," she said.

Though it only lasted for a few minutes, they were enough to turn Gail Donnelly's Plumsted Township yard upside down. The tornado toppled a tree onto her car and sent a trampoline flying through the air like a Frisbee.

"It just sounded like horrible winds. We ran downstairs in the basement.," Donnelly said.

"The signal that we saw from the radar looked like a small tornado that probably lasted a few minutes," Al Cope of the National Weather Service said.

At one property on East Colliers Mill Road, 2 protective sheds for horses were damaged as the tornado swept by.

"The one got picked up and carried about 30 feet and dropped; it just splintered and the one in the back just got flipped over," Ann Nobles of Plumsted said.

Nobles says her horses were spooked by the frightening wind and rain.

Next door, a tree snapped right off in the wild wind, sparing a chicken coop just feet away.

But the tornado took down dozens of trees along a driveway as it barreled through.

The storm tore off part of the roof of Liz Arocho's home.

"The deck furniture that was in the front is wedged into my pool fence and light fixture in the back," she said. "I have furniture that is, probably, two houses down...Thank God nobody got hurt."

Marissa McDonald lives next door to Liz. The storm sent her porch furniture flying and her grill was twirling across the deck.

"I was very scared," McDonald said. "I hear about it in other areas, but I never thought I'd see it myself."

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