Local mother receives ultimate dream from Oprah

TABERNACLE, N.J. - September 17, 2010

On Friday's Oprah show, viewers met a hard-working mother from Burlington County whose dreams came true.

What happened to Denise Foster on today's Oprah show was beyond what she ever expected!

Denise, or Denni as she prefers, watched the show with her good friend, Robin Stout.

Denni of Tabernacle, New Jersey, was almost as excited as she was last week when she and her three adult children traveled to Chicago for the Oprah show taping.

They thought they had been invited for a segment on single parenting.

Denni's only son, John, had written Oprah's producers about his mother working three jobs to pay for his medical school and the sacrifices she made for him and his sisters, Melissa and Kristina.

But the Fosters were actually about to have one of their ultimate dreams come true.

The first surprise Oprah revealed - the Fosters would be sent on a luxury trip to Italy.

Then Oprah had another surprise for them.

She announced she would pay off Denni's $78,000 in loans for her children's' education.

"I'm still shocked," Denni said.

But wait, there was MORE! Something Oprah wanted to do just for Denni.

Oprah is giving Denni a year off and paying her what Denni would make in those 12 months.

"I was really excited just to meet Oprah that was enough for me, the fact that we flew out there, the 1st time I had a chance to be with my 3 children, the four of us together; we had never been on a vacation together," Denni said.

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