Broom-wielding wife chases away armed thugs

CHESTER, Pa. - September 17, 2010

It happened next door to Lee's Deli at the corner of 22nd and Madison, where the owners live.

It was around midnight Thursday when a pair of armed thugs broke into the home through a rear window.

The 82-year-old patriarch was robbed of $50, and his 49-year-old son, Lim Ly, was beaten and sustained two broken legs.

It was then up to his wife, 43-year-old Lee Ly, to grab a broom and started beating the crooks, who appeared to be teenagers. Both fled the scene.

Lee Ly spent Friday at the hospital with her husband while he recovers.

Neighbor and regular deli customer James Bethea said he is not surprised Lee Ly prevailed.

"She's a tough woman, very tough woman," he said. "Considering the neighborhood you have to keep your game up."

This happened in North Chester, which was one of the "state of emergency" zones from this summer where police continue aggressive patrolling in the wake of increased violence in the city.

Resident Victor Dick, 82, and his wife have lived in this neighborhood 44 years without incident. They've now been burglarized three times in the last two months in broad daylight.

"Just cleaned us out, they got everything - our big screen TV, our jewelry. I don't know why anybody would want to do that to two seniors," Dick said.

He went on to say he cannot get homeowners insurance against break-ins because his neighborhood has been redlined by insurance carriers.

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